Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud

I absolutely love sharing my poetry, quotes, and affirmations out loud. The melodic sounds and rhythm of words are intended to be listened to. It took me just a brief minute to decide to do my first book signing and poetry reading shortly after publishing my first book. The energy I receive from those in the audience is life-affirming.

While Covid-19 limited our ability to engage with our readers directly, I was grateful that Instagram Reels, IGTV, and Tiktok were available to share my readings. I have spent the last six months sharing my poetry in a way that allows me to connect with those who enjoy prose truly. 

I am fortunate to have engaged a talented narrator in Milan Dancy to help bring my thoughts, ideas, and poetic works to life. I hope you will rediscover my uplifting poetry and messages by listening to some of my latest prose. 
Audible books of all four of my books are available on Amazon, audible, iTunes, and more. 

Stay tuned for audiobook giveaways. 




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