Michelle G. Stradford is author of the bestselling and award-winning book, I'm Rising: Determined. Confident. Powerful.  She has written a number of other uplifting poetry books about self-love, romantic and family love.  Some of her work was recently published in the Heron Clan VII Poetry Anthology along with other esteemed poets. 

In addition to poetry, she has penned short stories and fiction since adolescence. Her writing style is contemporary free verse, as her goal is to create poetry and prose that is relatable, connects with and is inspiring to her readers. In particular, she wants to use her experiences and writing to build a platform that encourages women and girls to own their power to overcome challenges and crush their goals.

Michelle has had the privilege of traveling the world and loves sharing her interpretation of love, life, friendship, and community. She thrives on using words, art, and photography to tell stories that evoke emotions or make connections with others. She the arts, both visual and performing, so checking out shows, and small art collections are always fun to do with family and friends. To wind down and re-energize she enjoys curling up with a great read or pulling out her acrylics and watercolors for a little painting. She also sketches and experiments with her camera, and takes on way too many creative do it yourself projects.